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Flow Visualization Apparatus

Flow Visualization Apparatus
Flow Visualization Apparatus
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Product Code : KA+ FM 014 A
Product Description

KA+ FM 014 A Flow Visualization Apparatus

Apparatus (Flow Visualization Apparatus).


  Rust- proof powder coated tank.

  Glass tube provided to visualize the flow.

  Dye tank with Potassium Permanent. 


Whenever fluid flows the pipe under pressure, certain amount of head is lost due to resistance. The lose of Energy however depends upon type of flow. 




The equipment mainly consists of a storage tank and another small tank which contains dye. The main tank has a horizontal transparent tube with a bell mouth entry and a flow control valve at the discharge side. The discharged water falls in atmosphere and the rate flow i.e. the velocity of water is varied by the flow control valve. The dye is introduced in the tube at the bell mouth section.The apparatus is used: 

  To visualize different flow conditions i.e. Laminar flow,

           Transition flow, Turbulent flow,          

To find out the Reynolds number The Apparatus consists of: 

  A Centrifugal pump of 25mm X 25mm with 14 HP Motor (ISI Make)

  M.S Sump Tank 80 Ltr. to collect the water.

  M.S Measuring Tank 40 Ltr fitted with piezometer tube to measure the discharge. Damper is used to collect the water in M.S. MEASURING TANK for certain time.

  G.I pipe of internal dia 25.4mm (1") and G.M. ISI mark Control Value and regulating valves are used to circulate water.

  Bye-pass line is also used to regulate the discharge. This apparatus consists of a Perspex tube of internal dia 25mm dia X 100cm long. A needle and color dye injector tank is used to visualize the flow. 

The tanks are well epoxy painted insided to prevent rust hence increase the life of tank. 

Experimental Capability: 

  To visualize different flow conditions.

  To obtain the critical velocity. 

         Reynoldss numbers & velocities.


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